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Your Connection to Recovery | Your Peers

People in recovery working with people in recovery

The PIER Recovery Community Center has 6 full-time and part-time people in long-term recovery dedicated to providing services to those in need. We would not be able to provide the breadth of services that we currently offer without the much-appreciated help of our stipend staff and community partners. The Recovery Center team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of professional peer support specialists, each of which lends expertise and experience to achieve the ultimate goal of helping people reach their full potential and self-sufficiency. They are responsible for oversight and implementation of programming, outreach, and services.


Jessica Miller

NKY Peer Services Coordinator 


Jade Heeger

Adult and Youth Peer Support 


Adriene Gibson

Peer Engagement Specialist

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Beth Gross

Peer Support Specialist


Bobby Angel

Peer to Peer Mentor &

Peer Support Specialist

Support Group Facilitators


  • Richard Addison

  • Doug Witt

  • Kathy Larson

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